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6 months after moving in: Pests and insects can get attracted to a new inhabited area. Finding food and nesting areas where there weren't any earlier can attract these little nuisances to your property considering you did create it a really lovely and attractive residence.

Yearly checks: Planning a calendar to find normal tests done for residential or commercial property is a great way to ensure a happy and healthy environment and avoid the unexpected menace and let's face it, this is one habit you will be glad to have!



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So call us now to inquire a question, or to get us on board that will assist you make your home a lovely home.

We discovered extensive termite damage. I investigated through Angielist and No Nonsense termite was the very best. I phoned and they came out instantly and were quite accommodating with scheduling. Alex was Amazing!!! He inspected our home and agreed we had a great deal of work which needed to be done.



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This was a two day procedure and Alex arrived and went over and beyond in helping people with everything even trimming plants and small trees so that they could get to the sides of the house to drill into the foundation. I highly recommend Alex and No Nonsense termite they gave us the best deal and were willing to work with a budget. .

I've used them many times previously. I was very impressed with Darrin today. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and pointed out things I was not aware of. I'll highly recommend and continue to use him.

The company was both effective and easy to work with. They gassed the burrows with carbon monoxide, which kills animals in the burrows, but does not persist in the environment or in the dead animals. They place two live cubes, which have been baited with non-poisonous bait, and the traps were very effective.



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They did provide us a 10% discount on their normal price of $300, since my neighbor and I engaged their services at precisely the same moment. .

They did a fantastic job in the loft insulation removal. I needed my batts insulation removing for many years and I wanted it replacing with blown in insulation. Fortunately I found out that Attic Insulation Labs has experience with batts insulation and blown in insulation, therefore I check my source was very happy and they had been perfect for the job.

They told me that inbetween they sprayed my attic using a sanitizer spray that kills bacteria and additionally they rodent-proofed my attic by simply filling in any holes with wire mesh and expanding foam. These men went above and beyond what I expected and that I now know that my attic is gonna be clean and warm for years and years now.

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We called Hydrex. They stated they would support our property now, and that the time period could be between 10-3. They explained the process, and said we could find a call 30 minutes ahead of time. They didn't call, didn't appear. We spent the afternoon at home waiting.

For the 3rd year in a row, I contacted Leah having an ant problem as a heat wave hit and ants were storming our house looking for warm water and cooler temps. I am now 8 months pregnant so Leah suggested taking a more conservative approach inside and using organic product indoors which I actually appreciated.



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He'd an amazingly thorough job on the exterior, pointed out entry points at which the ants were finding their way in from outside, cut off all of the paths heading to our roof/eaves, and place treated indoors as necessary. He worked fast and neatly and was pleased to explain everything to me he did it.



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He's the best! .

I asked them to do a monthly support. And I told them to phone me until they come. I happen to be home one day and I found truck driver and that he sprayed just in the front. I advised them about it and they jsut asked when I want to discontinue the support. .

The team from ProPest was very responsive. They immediately sent someone out and got me an estimate for the work. They indicated it would be $300 for 3 visits to change the traps out and set more. The tenants report that they had been professional and punctual. Two months afterwards, and that I hadnt received a invoice.

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In addition, he said he had needed to see 5 times instead of 3. When the bill came three weeks after this call, it was for $500. No one called or in anyway notified me of the increase over the quote by 66 percent. I talked to the office manager and asked them , and encouraged them to consider the fairness of the billing clinic which felt, to me, like a bait and switch.

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